The Brief ︎︎︎

Tokara wanted to update the play area to become an even more Child-friendly destination. The brief was to complement the surroundings, be safe and engaging for children of all ages.

The Process ︎︎︎

Our research included spending lots of time on site, studying the surrounding structures and landscape design. We needed to blend in, the design of the playground was achieved by aesthetically borrowing from the surrounding nature and the architecture of the Deli. The concept of "tree structure" and "mini versions of the Deli building" as tree houses was conceived.

Four box-like treehouses are nestled in a cluster of tree-like structures made of steel and iroko wood. Bird species indigenous to the Tokara Estate were transformed into 50 bird sculptures and mounted on the branches of the tree-like sculptures. The rope and stainless steel cabling forming the interlinking rope tunnel bridges between the treehouses and other climbing nets are made of materials used within the nautical industry.

Design-wise, we designed graphic versions of tree's to act as the structure and for the houses, we mimicked the box-like architecture of the Deli building.   

Process drawing

 3D renders

Materials, colour schemes, and design aesthetics ︎︎︎

For materials, again we looked at what was already there, we mimicked the use of wood and steel from the Deli structure and applied mostly natural colours from the surrounding nature on the outside of the structure. We went a little wild with colour on the play elements like the inside of the treehouses and where children were intended to play, like ladders and walkways. Subliminally guiding them to use the structure accordingly. A brown steel tree stump is less attractive to climb than a turquoise ladder...  Here we always use UV stable, 100% non-toxic and environmentally friendly, rubber paint.

All photographs credited to: Charles Russell
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