The Brief ︎︎︎

Bosjes is a wine estate and wedding destination farm situated in Worcester South Africa. The brief was to create a playground that was safe and engaging but did not distract from the mountain views.

The Process ︎︎︎

"If you cant beat them... join them!" This is the principal that was applied when coming up with a concept for the Bosjes playground. There is no competing with the natural beauty of the mountain view that forms a backdrop to the Bosjes playground, so we decided to replicate it instead.

By using Google map's 3d function, we were able to draw up an exact wireframe of the surrounding Mountain and simplify its contours into a jungle gym formation. We included other natural elements to further mimick the environment. We made the spring rocker's into the shape of Springbuck and also topped the mountain structure with sculptures of the indigenous Klipspringer buck.  

Materials, colour schemes, and design aesthetics ︎︎︎

We used Iroko wood for the straights and Mild steel covered with rubber paint for the joints and seating elements. The slides were Stainless Steel and the benches were woven with nylon ski rope. The playground was made extra safe by using rubber EPDM flooring.
All images credited to: Kleinjan Groenewald
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