The Brief ︎︎︎

Acid is a small voice recording studio situated on a Champagne farm in Franschhoek, South Africa. I was asked to design an inspiring space that will break the mold of traditional recording booths with its wall-to-wall black carpet and grey foam acoustic panels.

The Process ︎︎︎

The space was previously a small office situated next to a wedding venue in the middle of a lemon grove. I drew inspiration from the Lemon itself and created a psychedelic space where the "lemon" segments act as acoustic treatment and the white rubbery walls mimick the texture of the internal peel. I had the seating and door upholstered with a tight network of pincushioning to imitate the lemon's skin. 

ACID was manufactured by Buck Broadcast

Eames on Acid ︎︎︎

I also created a coat hook  inspired by Eames's "Hang it All"- coat hook, in this version, replacing the colorful wooden balls with lemons and tweaking it slighting to seem like Eames was on acid when creating it...

Lemons make everything brighter in every conceivable way, this theme's intention is to spread that mantra throughout everything that is recorded there.

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